Master session of psycho-healing -
is the key to solving your problems!
Fast, Easy and Guaranteed!
Psycho-healing is a set of techniques that allow you to remove energy blocks, solve problems, achieve well-being and peace of mind with the help of effective self-awareness techniques.
Psycho-healing works on 3 levels at once: physical, energetic and informational! Therefore, it always leads to a result.
At the master session, you get an individual approach to your request using author's techniques that will lead you to the desired result!
How it works
Psycho-healing is an individual online or offline session with an experienced mentor, aimed at solving your health, relationship, fulfillment or inner state problems.
Psycho-healing by Alexander Barabash
How are the master sessions?
Voicing the problem to the mentor and selecting equipment to solve the request.
Stage 1
Search for a "key charge" at the energy and information level.
Stage 2
Access to the subconscious level, discovery of the true causes of the problem, awareness and correction.
Stage 3
Getting rid of the problem, changing the attitude to the situation and understanding of further actions.
Stage 4
4 steps to get you there
Problems that can be solved at the master session:
Burnout, apathy, depression, stress;
Anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias;
Relationship problems;
Emotional state: resentment, aggression, shyness, shame, guilt;
Psychosomatic diseases: neurosis, allergies, hormonal failure, pressure, ulcers, sexual problems, weak immunity, etc.
Addictions and addictions;
Search for yourself, your purpose and the meaning of life.
What is the result of psycho-healing:
Finding a firm footing;
Balance of all spheres of life;
Recovery or discovery of new resources;
Confidence in yourself, your actions and choices;
Strong faith in the future;
A clear vision of yourself and your destiny;
Over 15 years of regular psycho-healing sessions
Mentor for working with the body, mind and emotions. More than 15 years of experience in individual master sessions.

Taught more than 10 thousand students qigong technique.
Author of books, trainings and innovative approaches to healing. Teaches various qigong styles, qigong meditations, work with the psycho-emotional state, health and psychosomatics.
Alexander Barabash
It will take about 10 master sessions to significantly transform your life.
You have nothing to lose! If there is no result - we make a full refund!
Only a few master sessions are needed to guarantee the solution of one request
3 sessions - 360 euros
5 sessions - 500 euros
10 sessions - 800 euros
online and offline
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